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Dumitru Verdianu: the ordeal of a “wandering” sculptor

"The artist Dumitru Verdianu comments in his ?uvre the entire itinerary of the 20th century sculpture. He is an extremely inventive and imaginative personality. Being a great admirer of Brancusi, he has continually felt the presence of this powerful landmark in his system of values. An equally important source of inspiration is the peasant culture, its echoes reaching time and again into the cultured art of Romania, as they did into the works of Brancusi, one of the fathers of modernism."

Vladimir Bulat, art critic

Chisinau / Bucharest, september 20

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Artist?s statement

"The chisel offers various themes to the sculptor all along his life. One day I would like to be able to say: Look, this work of art is finished, I truly have said everything and nobody can add anything to it, as nobody can add anything to Brancusi’s  ’The Beginning of the World’   – that egg contains the entire truth."

Dumitru Verdianu, sculptor

Short Biography

Dumitru-Verdianu-Larissa-Astrein-Mihai-Tarus The-artist-Dumitru-Verdianu

Born in 1954 in Ungeni, Moldova. He starts his studies at the Arts School in Chisinau and continues his education at the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg which he finishes in 1982. In the following years he works for numerous exhibits and commissions while still living in St. Petersburg. Between 1996 and 2000 he studies in Vienna with Professor Michelangelo Pistoletto who has a great influence an his future work.

At the present he lives in Vienna, Austria with his family but often travels to Chisinau and St. Petersburg where he still holds an atelier. Every year the artist participates at different symposiums and exhibitions as well as leads workshops in different countries.

Up till now he has taken part in more than 200 personal and group exhibitions all over the world and his works can also be found in museums and public places as well as in galleries and private collection in Russia, Moldova, Romania, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland and Israel.

He is a citizen of honour of the city of Ungheni, member of the Artists Unions of Moldova, Russia and Austria, member of AIAP–UNESCO and has been attributed numerous prizes and awards, the most recent one being a gold medal for sculpture at the "Le Monde de la Culture et des Arts" , Cannes – France, 2008.

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